Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ACE Team Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to everyone who participated, we had a great turn out for our first scavenger hunt. Congratulations to our lucky winners!

Grand Prize winner:
Melissa from GA

First Prize winner:
Christina from NC

Second Prize winner:
Jennifer from SC

Third Prize winner:
Erika from FL

Fourth Prize winner:
Susan from PA

Stay tuned for future contests and promotions!

Grand Prize – $110.00 Total Value

aprilsoriginals - Pleated Bag in Michael Miller - $30.00
newfangled - Two Paper Bangles in Seafoam - $22.00
kingfishercrafts - Sea Foam Swarovski Crystal Drop Necklace - $20.00
TraceyGurley - Winner’s Choice of Eight Notecards - $16.00
aprilsoriginals - Four Tissue Holders - $12.00
stefaniesbownanza - Butterfly Clippies and Hair Bow Holder - $10.00

First Prize - $86.00 Total Value

AlloverArt - Bird Silhouette Pendant Necklace - $25.00
mariasfunkytreasures - Crocheted Pink Beaded Necklace - $25.00
kingfishercrafts - Sea Foam Earrings - $12.00
laksaware - Pistachio Scrubbie and Dishcloth - $6.00

Second Prize - $78.00 Total Value

Jazzturtle - Gone Nuclear- Handspun Art Yarn - $24.00
agreenelephant - Ellen, The Little Elephant - $21.00
mychelle - Winner's Choice of One Placemat Bag - $10.00-$15.00
stefaniesbownanza - 6 Satin Braided Headbands - $12.00
MooreMagnets - Set of 4 Magnets - $6.00

Third Prize - $67.00 Total Value

inthelightglassworks - Hand Blown Glass Pendant - $32.00
newfangled - Paper Bangle - Blue Lagoon No. 02 - $12.00
slimdgm - Customized Clipboard - $16.00
EBSpider - Cinnamon Spice Mug Cozy - $7.00

Fourth Prize - $51.75 Total Value

UberArt - Lace Chiffon Journal - $15.00
GoneDoggie - Winner's Choice of Handmade Dog Collar - $10-$14.00
ValerieEssentials - Three Roses - $5.00
LittleMissSewNSew - Snazzy Sewing Kit - $8.00
McCoyToys - Handmade Spinning Top - $9.75

Participating ACE Team Shops
agreenelephant - Adorable Stuffed Animals and Home Decor
AlloverArt - Wearable Art Pendants, Rings, Brooches, and Bobby Pins
aprilsoriginals - Fashionable bags, Wristlets, Crayon Keepers & more
EBSpider - Crochetd Accessories and Gifts
GoneDoggie - Handmade Items for Dogs and Dog Lovers
inthelightglassworks - Hand Blown Glass Jewelry and Homewares
Jazzturtle - Unique Handspun Yarn & Fiber Batts
kingfishercrafts - Applique Animal Quilts, Jewelry and Crafts
laksaware - Handcrafted Kitchenwares, Bathwares and more
LittleMissSewNSew - Aprons, Bags, Sewing Kits and more
mariasfunkytreasures - Handmade Jewelry and Vintage Items
McCoyToys - No Batteries Required - Just Imagination
MooreMagnets - Magnet Boards and other Fun Stuff
mychelle - Placemat bags, Dishcloths and more
newfangled - Unique and Durable Paper Bangles
PamperedPapier - Paper Goods For Any Need
slimdgm - Decorated Clipboards
stefaniesbownanza - Headbands, Clippies, Botique Bows and more
TraceyGurley - Original Art, Paintings, and more
UberArt - Journals, Guest Books & Polymer Clay Pendants
ValerieEssentials - Unique Gel Candles


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Aw shoot Tricia, we weren't trying to discriminate!!! This is our first big event as a team and we are trying to keep it simple. We hope next time we can open it to international players!! Follow our blog and stay tuned.....!

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I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of you talented women! I have received all of my prizes from the egg hunt and they are amazing! I have gotten so many compliments on the jewelry! Thanks so much!