Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two More Days 'Til Our Easter Egg Hunt!

In two days the ACE Team launches its first annual Easter Egg Hunt! Beginning April 2 you will have 5 days to hunt down all the Easter Eggs hidden amongst our talented team members' stores for the chance to win valuable prizes totaling $400!!

If you purchase an item from any ACE team member during The Hunt you will also be eligible for a chance to win prizes.

Here are some of the prizes you could win:

Funky Flowers Notepad by PamperedPapier

New Growth Glass Pendant by inthelightglassworks

Pistachio Vanilla Scrubbie by Laksaware

Ellen, The Little Elephant by AGreenElephant

Full details of the hunt will be available on this blog the day the hunt begins Thursday, April 2. Good Luck!

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