Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ACE Team Guidelines

If you are new to ACE Team or are just interested in what ACE Team is all about, this is the best place to get public info on our Team!

ACE Team is comprised of sellers/artists/creators from North Carolina who sell on etsy.com. Females and males are welcome to apply. New members are either recruited by the ACE Team Administrators or Etsy members can send in a request to join our team. Team spaces are limited and we will not accept any new members after a certain number has been reached. You can send a message via Etsy conversations to Brandy at http://ebspider.etsy.com/. Once we receive your request, it will take up to 7 days to make a decision on your acceptance to the team.
Team enrollment & Membership is based on Any (& Possibly All) of the Following Criteria :

  • You must be a North Carolina resident.
  • You must be an active selling member on Etsy.com. You must have, and maintain, at least 3 items for sale and go no more than 7 days with an empty shop.
  • You must be a handmade seller. 50% of your shop must be handmade by YOU. This means that the majority of your items must be made “from scratch.” Repurposed items, commercial supplies, and vintage items are not considered handmade.
  • You are required to list our team name and blog link in your shop announcement or profile.
  • You are required to participate in our online Ning group at least once a week. Members who fail to do so, without giving prior notice to the team, will be given a warning. Members will be deleted from the team with the 3rd warning.
  • You are required to attend one online team meeting per month.
  • We will only allow up to 3 to 4 shops with similar specialty items. If your shop reflects many different items for sale, this will be taken into great consideration.
  • If a seller/member receives too many negative feedbacks this will result in expulsion from the team.
  • If you have multiple shops, you can only join under one shop name, but are welcome to promote your other shops in team events and promotions. You MAY use the team tag, "aceteam", in your other shop's listings.
  • You MAY NOT use the team tag on supplies, vintage, or any other item that is not at least 50% handmade by you.
  • Directly copying another member's work is not permitted and will result in immediate expulsion from the team. If you feel you have been copied, please address the team and appropriate actions will be taken from there.
  • Negative (when unsolicited) or harsh criticism, belittling talk, insulting behavior towards another team member's work or person, or calling out of another team member in any form will be reason for expulsion from the team.
  • Members are encouraged to attend team events and local shows whenever possible. This helps us promote and support each other.
  • All forms of artwork and self-expression are welcome on our team. If you are uncomfortable by nudity in art, then this team may not be right for you.
  • Team members must be 18 and over.

These guidelines are present to maximize productivity for the ACE Team. Honestly, these guidelines are easy to follow. The ACE Team is a relaxed group of individuals who will greatly benefit from following these rules.

As a team, all members will work together. No one person will make decisions for the team as a whole. Once you are a team member, you will have deciding votes on new members, team events, gatherings, and much more.

This team is not for monetary gain. Please notify Brandy if someone contacts you about payments, fees, or dues. Splitting booth fees or other event fees is based on individual members and is completely up to the parties involved. ACE Team administrators are not responsible for event fees and attendance.

This team is here to help promote one another, share event space, and encourage one another. Our goal is to keep the ACE Team productive, friendly, and encouraging.

Please remember to use "aceteam" in your listing tags!

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The rules sound great to me!