Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Interview with Stefanie's Bownanza

Stefanie of Stefanie's Bownanza is the featured artist of the week. She makes hair bows, headbands, korkers, and hair clips. If you're looking for a finishing touch for a little girl's outfit, she's got it!

Is there a story behind your shop name?
I had sat for a few days thinking about several different names for my Business/shop and I just couldn't figure out what I wanted. Then my husband said "How about Stefanie's BOWnanza"? I loved it so that's the story.

What made you decide to open your own shop?
I started selling locally and wanted to expand.

What is your favorite material to use? Grosgrain and Satin Ribbon

Talk briefly about your favorite item:
I have several favorite items. I love the Woven and Braided Headbands. I think my favorite item would have to be The Spider Korker Bows.

Are you a crafter full time or part time?
Full Time. I was only working Part Time when my business started taking off and soon I had so many orders that I couldn't keep up with working part time and running my business. So I decided to focus just on my business.

Who encourages you to create?
I would say my family. My daughter is always wanting me to make her a new Hair Bow. She won't leave the house without one in her hair!

Do you have any advice for other shop owners? Never give up.

Do you have a blog or website?

Tell me any other interesting things about yourself you'd like for me to include in your article:

I am very happy where my business is right now. I started making Hair Bows/Headbands a year and a half ago and I would of never imagined this becoming full time for me. What started out as just making Bows for my daughter has turned into a very sucessful business. I supply over 13 Boutiques right now in and out of the Unites States. I have 2 regular customers that own Boutiques in Australia that I supply all their Hair Accessories. Also a Boutique in Denmark. I sell to sellers on Etsy and Ebay who make childrens items and include my Hair Accessories with their items. Things are going great and I couldn't be happier!!

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