Thursday, September 3, 2009

Feature Friday 09/04/09

We know that all the chilly weather NC has had lately is due to hurricanes and tropical depressions, but this past week's weather been a nice change from the dog days of summer. Don't you love waking up to fall-like crispness in the air?
These items from some of our team members just make you want to rush head long into a leaf pile.

Speaking of head long, how about this cute bit of head gear sass? Perfect for those days when the fall-like crispness is in the air, but not quite cold enough for full on head coverage.
Crocheted Chenille Skullcap in Green Confetti.

LinkThe colors used in this pretty print evoke that fall feeling. Print of an original mixed media painting by Deborah Dee.

And while you are wearing your new sassy skullcap, why not make out your grocery list on this cute little post it note holder by PamperedPapier?

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aprilsoriginals said...

Cute stuff but couldn't get the first two pics to take me to the shops!