Saturday, May 2, 2009

March for Babies Update

Valerie, her husband, and kids all walked together in the March for Babies fundraiser and raised $110 for the March of Dimes. Congratulations Valerie!

Valerie says, "I didn't really do a time because I was going to do a solo and do a power walk BUT my hubby and kids wanted to join me. So that was great! So the kids were in the stroller (off and on) and Brad doesn't really walk much, so I had to walk much slower. But it was fun! And it was great to have the whole family in the event! "

"I think we finally RACED passed the finish line in about an hour. I kept telling my husband, "Come on let's jog it out... Come on you and do it!" So I was jogging and he said I'll race you and took off (glad he was the one with the stroller!). It was hot and fun! I was real proud of my husband wanting to walk with me, since he's more into motorcycles and dirt bikes for fun."

Pictures of the event can be viewed here.


Valerie's Essentials said...

Thanks Beth Great Write up! brings back breat memories! Wow was there a bunch of people! About 7500. And we went through Downtown Charlotte. I have lived here pretty much my whole live and have never seen these places. Great route. Thnaks again for the write up!

Emily said...

Love the summer theme....Great job Beth!