Sunday, January 11, 2009

MadHattersPottery - Featured Artist

The featured artist for this week is Candice from MadHattersPottery.My name is Candice and my shop's name is Mad Hatter's Pottery. I am primarily a painter who got sucked into the delicious tactile world of pottery! I started making little teapots (hence the name Mad Hatter's) but switched gears when I became eyeball deep in little teapots and ran out of people to give them to! Enter soy candles! It's never a dull moment between throwing, glazing, firing, pouring!

I chanced on Etsy one day when I was doing a search and it was a perfect fit. I am having too much fun!

I also have a vignette in The Shoppes at Farmers Hardware, an upscale emporium in an historic building in Boone, NC.

I do this "full time" -- as in I don't have a job with a paycheck. I'm never at a creative standstill as it is as important to me as air. If I'm not making my candles, I am painting, writing...the only thing I regret is that I'm a lousy singer!

I have two awesome teenagers who are creative beings in their own right and growing up too fast, so I am enjoying the time I have left with them at home.

Here are all the places I can be found:

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