Sunday, October 5, 2008

An Interview with UberArt

This week's featured team member is Beth of UberArt. Beth is a bookbinder and makes journals for sketching, writing, or jotting notes. She also works with polymer clay and designs pendants. You can find her creations in her Etsy shop

Is there a story behind your shop name?
When I first started on Etsy, I was unsure what direction my shop was going to take. Being a mixed media artist, I create all kinds of things from jewelry, journals, paintings, etc. I selected “UberArt” because the name would encompass anything I chose to do.

What made you decide to open your own shop?
I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in art. I have my undergraduate degree in art but never had the courage to put my creations out there. My husband saw an article in a business magazine about Etsy, encouraged me to try it out and here I am!

What is your favorite material to use? Paper and polymer clay.

What is your favorite item?
It’s hard to choose a favorite because I love them all, but I think my “Sand and Sky Journal” has become my signature item. I grew up near the beach and really enjoy incorporating seaglass into my work.

What are your creative inspirations?
I enjoy looking through art magazines for new techniques to try, but my main inspiration comes from being with other artists. I love working alongside others, sharing a creative aura and seeing the things we all come up with.

Are you a crafter full time or part time? If part time, how do you find time to create?
I am a part time artist. My time is split between being a mom to a toddler and being an artist. I grab any free time I can get, be it during naptimes or late at night!

Who encourages you to create?
My friends and family are very supportive and are always interested in my latest creations, or at least pretend to be!

Do you have any advice for other shop owners?
Do what you love and keep at it. Chances are someone else will love what you do also.

Do you have a blog or website?
My blog address is I have a new website, still being tweaked, at I hope to one day sell my items from my website also, in addition to Etsy.

Tell me any other interesting things about yourself you'd like for me to include in your article:
I've started a new section in my shop to benefit breast cancer research. I have a friend who has been recently diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. She commissioned me to create a journal for her to record her thoughts and experiences throughout the journey. I really enjoyed making something that would be so meaningful to her and thought it would be great to do that for others as well as helping raise money to eradicate cancer!

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