Monday, August 11, 2008

An interview with Merriwood Designs

The featured ACE Team artist this week is Meredith of Merriwood Designs Meredith makes wonderful pouch slings for infants and toddlers.
Here are some items from her shop. She will custom make a sling with fabric of your choice.
Is there a story behind your shop name?
My father in law dubbed me "Merriwood" when I moved to NC (From Washington DC) because he said I needed a "country" name. He still calls me Merriwood.
What is your favorite item?
My favorite item is the pouch sling. I LOVE using mine and I think they're the ultimate under-appreciated baby accessory that new parents must have. They're really easy to use, affordable, decorative, and even help bond with baby.
What are your creative inspirations?
My son's messes.
Are you a crafter full time or part time? part time
How do you find time to create? in between naps
Who encourages you to create? my husband
Tell me any other interesting things about yourself you'd like for me to include in your article:
I go to Elon University and want to work in the substance abuse field (counselor not an abuser lol!). I love my son but we want another female presence in our house so we will probably have kids until we get a daughter, even if that means having 5 more boys first.


Handmadenetwork said...

I love your slings and wish I had one when my son was little!
-April, MooreMagnets

Anonymous said...

It is funny how we ment but I'm glad. As far as your N.Y. ad-you go girl!!!